About Waldo Agencies

Our Mission

Working with Families, Businesses, and Organizations to identify and manage risk and opportunity.

Our Vision

First, we are an independent, family owned group of businesses that seek to be ‘leading edge’ in providing programs and services that assist our clients in their journey to success. Our businesses will continue to evolve over time predicated on the needs of our clients. We will be known as unique thought leaders and advisors who are capable of adding real value to our clients’ lives.

Agency Philosophy

As an Independent Insurance Agency that has been in business since 1962, we have learned that time and experience teaches us to see things differently; showing us the value of what really matters. For our clients and our team, this applies to businesses, individuals, and our community.
Agency Philosophy

At Waldo Agencies, we believe that having the right perspective will reveal proper priorities. Perspective means seeing things differently; such as:

  • Recognizing our employees as professionals and supporting their efforts.

  • Treating our clients as friends and respecting these relationships with honor.

  • Identifying risks that you may not see and providing a method for managing them.

  • Creating ways to make your organization more attractive to the insurance industry.

  • Evolving the industry to meet the needs of modern organizations.

Our Team

Amy Haile
Account Assisitant
Barbara J. Waldo
Director of Operations
Billie Pearcy
Licensed Agent
Brad Verigan
HR/Operations Manager
Brad Waldo
David M. Waldo
Dawna Runnels
Licensed Agent
Dellas Waldo
Licensed Agent
Dustin Grant
Licensed Agent
Ellen Martinez
Farm & Commercial Specialist
John W. Forsyth
Vice President
Kim Speelman
Licensed Agent
Kris Warren
Kristie York
Licensed Agent
Mae Hawkins
Udrive Benefits Coordinator
Mike Ward
Benefits Manager
Phaedra Anderson
Risk Management Specialist
Ray E. Waldo
Vice President
Rebekah Wagster
Licensed Agent
Robert Curtis
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Bahem
Licensed Agent
Trisha Seese

Agency Breakdown By Company

Waldo Agencies Logo


Nyssa, OR
21 S Main St

Ontario, OR
933 SW 30th St

Vale, OR
267 A St West

Field-Waldo Insurance Agencies, Inc.

Insurance Placement

  • Commercial
  • Municipalities
  • Farms
  • Agri-Business
  • Crop Coverage
  • Retail and Wholesale Business
  • Personal—All Lines
  • Schools
  • Contractors
  • Bonding
  • Workman's Comp

Waldo Insurance, Inc.

Benefits Planning

  • Life Insurance (Individual and Group)
  • Annuities (including IRA's and Equity Index Annuities)
  • Pension Plans
  • Retirement Plans
  • Health Insurance (Individual and Group) Including Medicare Supplements, Long Term Care, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, etc.

Waldo Risk Consulting Group, Inc.

Risk Planning

  • Risk Consulting
  • Captive Insurance Structures
  • Aviation Risk Financing
  • Family Transition Planning

"As an independent agent, we have the advantage of choosing from hundreds of companies. Our goal is to match our clients with strong companies at affordable rates and help our clients identify, measure and control the facts that impact the Total Cost of Risk and the Total Cost of Benefits."

Waldo Real Estate

Experienced and Professional

  • Residential / Rural
  • Farm / Ranch
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Farm Leases


Who Are We?

Nolan Field Insurance was started in 1962 by Nolan and Lucy Field. They began the business from their home in Ontario, Oregon with a desk, a sign on their car and one client. Dave and Barbara Waldo joined the business in 1969 and the business soon became Field-Waldo Insurance, Inc. New partners, Ray Waldo and John Forsyth joined the firm in the late 1970’s and have helped to grow the business throughout the valley, with offices in Nyssa, Ontario, and Vale.

Field-Waldo Insurance Agencies is an independent insurance agency, placing insurance with more than 100 insurance companies each year. Waldo Real Estate, the real estate division of Waldo Agencies, was started in 1978 by Dave Waldo. The Ontario office was opened in 1992 and the New Plymouth, Idaho office opened in 1996.

Waldo Risk Consulting Group

Field-Waldo Insurance Agencies, Inc. and Waldo Insurance, Inc. are full-service independent insurance agencies that have served our commercial and personal clients since 1962. Our unique process helps our clients identify, measure, and control the issues that affect the Total Cost of Risk and the Total Cost of Benefits.

Waldo Real Estate

For over 30 years, Waldo Real Estate has provided friendly, professional, and local expertise in residential, farm & ranch, and commercial real estate.

Dave Waldo, President and CEO, says:

This agency has been around for 54 years and is looking forward to many more years of serving clients in this great community.

What Are Your Priorities?

The “insurance business” is really about managing risk, not about selling insurance policies. That’s just how we get paid. This is why we believe that when you see what we see, you will take steps to deal with the issues that are being left to chance. To help you address these risks, we have combined our experience and knowledge with the InCite system to bring you a Risk Reduction Process that is usually only available to large corporations. Our methods customize this process for your particular business, and will make you more attractive to insurance companies. Our technique has proven itself with manufacturing, agricultural, automotive, and technology companies, as well as municipalities, non- profits, and many more. We routinely place business with over 100 insurance companies.

Waldo Agencies also focuses on:

Risk Planning - Revealing the risks in your organization that are affecting your bottom line and creating a risk reduction plan.

Benefits Planning - Helping you take control of the issues that are affecting the cost of benefits by improving overall employee health.

Insurance Placement - Making your organization attractive to insurance carriers so that you receive the most favorable rates possible.

If you are learning about Waldo ECG from one of our representatives, coordinate with him/her to schedule a complimentary Executive Briefing. This session helps us understand your organization better and introduces you to our team, methods, and culture. If we haven’t met before, please call (541) 372-5301.